.we are people

First of all, we are a team of people who want to create an efficient network of employers and employees. We are not a bureaucratic company with unnecessary verifications and stupid security questions like "What's your dad's name".

Clean & clear

No complicated options, no polluted pages! You do not need to process tons of data to find what you need.

24/7/365 support

For questions, suggestions or complaints, please send us an email. Our support team is looking forawrd to assist you.

multipurpose layout

Here you can hire, work and even write your shopping list. We have lots of secondary tools that you may use as well.

Pixel perfect

We like quality in our services and those that are made through our platform. If the great is possible, good is not enough.

.How ppc works

We have been working hard to simplify everything to four steps. You will notice it's super easy.

Create Your Project

Create and describe your project. It can be a custom logo, a website, a financial analysis, SEO, document translation, journalistic writing, etc. Gain access to a large workforce online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Wait for freelancers

In less than an hour you will have some proposals from people who were interested in your project. See their work history, samples of previous work and evaluations of all the candidates to make sure you will hire the best person.

Follow the process

Inside the "office", you can communicate with the freelancer or the agency that you chose, send and receive messages, files and updates about the job. Track the daily activity and follow the process, if you want.

Pay safely

Once the job is finalized, you may check if everything is correct and release the payment through our secure vault system. If there is anything wrong, you will have your money back. PPC takes care about all the invoices and fees.

.Platform Jobs

We have jobs being created every single day, and they belong to different areas, requires different skills and have different purposes.

Web & Mobile developers

Front/back-end developers, iOS/Android developers, UI/UX designers...

Writing & Translation

Creative writing, creative writing, technical writing, text/audio translators...

Virtual assistants

Personal assistants, transcriptionists, web researchers, phone/email support, live chat support experts...

Design & Multimedia

Graphic/industrial/product designers, voice-over, voice/video making or editing, creative designers...

Sales & Marketing

Email automators, SEO specialists, marketing experts, sales manager, branding...

Accountants & Consultants

Legal support, tax accountants, financial modelers, accountants...

Real experts for low price

This is how we have achieved the success!

Hire freelancers with confidence, always knowing their rating, work experience and feedback from other clients. Use the messaging system, task lists and other resources to improve freelancer's precision and performance.

  • Find and hire great people.
  • View work in progress.
  • Staff up and down as needed.
  • Pay if you are satisfied or we give your money back!

.Use everywhere


Everything here is fully responsive, which means that you can access this platform from mobile devices, such as tablets, phablets and smartphones.


We see beauty in simplicity. That's why you will not see a ton of buttons, options or ads. We try to maintain the same simplicity in all mobile devices.


The server that holds the money and calculates every transaction is outside the platform, which almost eliminates busy lines, slow connections and lags.

.we got skills

Most common freelancer feedbacks.









.the work

Here are some visual examples of projects that, without freelancing, wouldn`t exist.



web design





Web Design



.Start today

We would be really happy if you could join and help us to improve our service. You will never (never!) see privacy abuse, ads, spam emails or any bothering content from our part. We know hiring/working is serious business.

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.about us

StartUps, mainstream companies and individuals are constantly looking for freelancers. We are here to help you find awesome people to develop amazing stuff for you.

More than 1.5 million companies prefer to hire people online instead of real-life employees, since freelancers have a huge understanding about one specific area and can bring much more value from different backgrounds.

The concept of PPC has come when our staff wanted to have a brand design for a T-shirt, but we couldn't find anyone to do the work. That was very frustrating: the only professionals we've found were bad, but no one of us knew that and we just wasted money.

If you need an art work, we have designers. How about a website or an app? We have programmers. Product analysis? We have people working on this for over 10 years. Video makers? We have them.

You have the idea, we have the experts!

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